Short Film
Written and directed by Christine Shin
Running Time: 17 Minutes
MiniDV 24p / Color / Stereo
Available for Screenings: BetaSP, DVCam, DVD, VHS



Jill, a blind woman who is a few months away from getting married, was adopted when she was very young. She believes that her birth-mother abandoned her due to her blindness. Despite her anger, however, she feels a strong desire to locate her birth-mother before creating her own family.


Although blindness is a big part of Jill’s character definition, Journey is not about blindness but about revisiting the past. This is a story that all of us can relate to since we all, at some point or another in our lives, shared the similar experience of making a choice about discovering the truth from the past. Is it better to just hold onto our version of truth, or is it worth risking our heart for a chance to find out what really happened? The story’s main conflict comes from Jill’s choice to look for and finally meet her birth-mother. This could be a beginning of a great reunion; however, she could also get rejected all over again.



November 2008
Cine Para Ser - Buenos Aires, Argentina

May 2007
VC Filmfest

March 2007
Riverside International Film Festival

September 2005
Los Angeles Korean International Film Festival

March 2005
Sedona International Film Festival

December 2004
Hollywood DV Festival
- WINNER: Best Actress Award


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