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"Written and directed by Christine Shin, Janie tells the story of a family that is forced to adjust when the husband’s former mistress drops off their son and leaves. Shin tells the story from half-sister Janie’s point of view, with a dreamy, bleached-out feel that’s a pleasure to look at; Blaine Saunders is engaging as the titular little girl." - Anna Ditkoff, Special Projects Editor of Baltimore Citypaper

"Rare indeed is the child actor who can convey a full range of emotions using nothing more than slight changes in facial expression, but [Blaine Saunders] is just such a performer. [Tanner Maguire] is responsible for making us believe the melodramatic shifts of the second half in the same way that Saunders drives the more emotional passages earlier. [Janie] is a swiftly paced film with some exceptionally beautiful compositions. [Christine Shin] has undeniable talent to make a professional looking piece. " - Timothy Brayton, Film Threat


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